Free delivery for Sofia, Bulgaria in case the total order amount is above 30 BGN.
In case the total order amount is less than 30 BGN and in Sofia the delivery is 4 BGN.
Deliveries in another region of Bugaria will cost 4 BGN.
If you want a delivery outside of Bulgaria, please contact is to get the price.

- Click "In the basket" to add the desired product. This is not an order and you can go on looking through the Catalogue.

- You can track the products' quantity in the basket, as well as the sum, in the right part of the monitor. After you click "Products" you'll be able to see the basket's whole contents. You can add more items and remove objects.

- You can specify size, colour of the gems etc. in "Commentary".

- After you have seen all and you are sure that all the articles you desire are in your virtual basket, click "Order".

- If you are not a registered user, fill in the data we need to deliver the products to you. Please give us a valid address for a delivery in working hours.

- You'll receive an acknowledgement from us on the e-mail address you have given.